Treatment of Leather

Tanning and treatment of leather is the core expertise of GM leather. Each of our raw materials undergo an extensive tanning process that results in highly durable, long-lasting gloves offering maximum levels of protection to wearers.

Part of this treatment involves three major processes that make all our glove range resistant to oil, water and debris while still being soft, comfortable and easy to use.

These processes include:


Chrome Tanned

A popular tanning method, chrome tanning results in leather that is thinner, softer and easily dyed. It also helps the leather in being water, stain and heat resistant.


Oilbloc Treatment

This helps gloves be water and oil resistant. For example, goatskin leather, being exceptionally hard and cut resistant is treated with Oilbloc during the tanning process which makes the glove oil and water repellent.


Waterproof Leather

Gloves that are designed to be used in cold and wet climates or conditions undergo a rigorous waterproofing process. The end product is a perfect balance between water repellency & the leather surface’s inherent abilities to resist water absorption.

These treatments ensure that the glove quality remains the same throughout the product’s life and that it is water, oil, grease and thermal resistant. Fused with our various range of glove linings, these gloves offer maximum protection for wearers while also being gentle on the skin and providing a comfortable fit.

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