About Glove Lining

In industrial gloves linings do more than just provide warmth and comfort – they offer protection against injury and impact. At GM Leather, we make use of 8 popular types of glove linings, each designed to meet the specific requirements of the product.


Cotton Interlock

Lightweight and comfortable, cotton interlock glove linings offer protection against dust & environmental substances, while ensuring sweat control.



Naturally wicking, fleece leather gloves are perfect for cold & wet climates, keeping moisture off the skin while being lightweight and comfortable.



Thinsulate is a fine, flexible material that is extremely soft with fibers that absorb less than 1% of its weight in water. Compared to Fleece, Thinsulate is lighter & is more effective at trapping air.


High-Performance Polyethylene (HPPE)

Specially designed to be used while handling sharp materials and heavy equipment, HPPE gloves keep workers safe from cuts and scratches, while staying comfortable & flexible.



It’s a DuPont product which is ideal for cut and heat protection. With different compositions, the Kevlar fabric gives the right amount of comfort with the needed protection against workplace hazards.


Para Aramid

It is a high strength fibre with good chemical resistance with low conductivity and flammability. It offers excellent heat and cut resistance properties. It’s a generic version of Kevlar and economical compared to Kevlar.

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