About GM Leather

GM Leather Industries is a joint venture of two eminent businessmen, each with over four decades of business acumen. Founded in 1997, GM Leather houses a tannery and a glove manufacturing unit that delivers industrial leather gloves worldwide. Over the years, the company has evolved to include digital B2B as part of its expansion and transition into the new era.

Mission & Vision

G.M Leather Industries is a leading industrial gloves manufacturer with a global customer base. Quality, commitment to safety & high customer satisfaction makes us the go-to resource for all kinds of industrial PPE gloves.

Our Core Values


Commitment to Safety

In our line of work, safety is paramount. We manufacture industrial leather gloves that workers worldwide use in extremely hazardous and intense work environments. Therefore, for GM Leather, customer safety is the core principle that guides us.

Environment-Friendly Products

All our products are CE certified, which means we meet all the requirements for being an environmental-friendly leather manufacturer. We care for our environment as much as we care for the safety of our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We work with distributors worldwide and have incorporated their individual requirements as part of our product. This process of collaboration is the fundamental reason why our company dominates the market.

What Makes Us Different?


Tanning and Manufacturing

G.M Leathers is known for our unmatched leather tanning process and dedication to providing the highest quality and standards. Our tanned products are shipped and used worldwide, making us the leader in leather tanning for industrial purposes.


Premium Quality Products

We produce a wide range of tried, tested and proven quality industrial gloves designed for use in extreme work environments. With safety first as our policy, our gloves last longer, keep workers safe and are highly durable.


Competitive Pricing

Because we have tanning and manufacturing under one roof, customers have an edge when ordering from us. Our model produces competitive pricing, a wide range of products and low-order-to-delivery time. This makes us the right choice for customers.

Factory Tour

With over 200 employees, GM Leather manufactures 10,000 pairs of gloves per day. Additionally, our tanning capacity is 1 million square feet of leather per month. Our facilities are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art machinery for cutting, stitching, packing, and delivery.

Furthermore, we manufacture welding apparel designed to protect workers from on-site welding hazards and injuries. At GM Leather, we are committed to manufacturing products that keep workers safe, protect them from hazardous injuries and help them perform their jobs stress-free.

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