When it comes to choosing the correct leather glove, the options may be overwhelming. You will need to know what type of leather will provide your workforce with the protection they need. The reason being that different animal hides provide different levels of protection and comfort based on the natural characteristics of the animal’s skins and hides. These skins and hides are put through a production process that cuts, treats, and sizes them according to established glove-making standards.

At GM Leather, our gloves are made from five leather materials that are classified into two types of quality – full-grain and split. Full-grain leather is the finest raw material meaning the hides natural grain, pores and textures are left intact during the production process. It is of the highest quality, is the most durable and also the most aesthetically appealing since the scars and hair cell pattern are still visible on the surface when the product is manufactured.

Once the top grain layer has been removed, the remaining layer(s) are split off into split leather which is generally not as strong as the grain layer, but more economical than grain leather. Also known as suede, they can be identified by their varying scruffy textures on both sides. Cowhide is thick enough to yield several layers of split leather, whereas other hides such as goatskin are too thin to split.


Goat Skin Leather

Strong with great tensile strength, goatskin makes for the most durable gloves. It also has a natural lanolin content that is flexible & keeps gloves soft & hands comfortable.


Kid Skin Leather

Kid skins are naturally thin, more supple and have a softer leather texture, making it ideal for Tig Welding Gloves, and is highly recommended for gloves where dexterity is more important.


Cow Grain Leather

Naturally repellent, cow grain leather is a good choice for work in wet & wintry conditions, however, it is expensive & is usually used to make premium gloves.


Buffalo Grain Leather

Preferred for its puncture resistance features, buffalo grain leather gloves are usually preferred as motorcycle or driving gloves as it offers high breathability & dexterity.


Sheepskin Leather

Delicate, soft and lightweight, sheepskin leather gloves are preferred for less strenuous activities and are not typically utilized in the industrial environment.


Cow Split Leather

Once the hide has been split into layers, the bottom part is called split leather, which is generally not as strong as grain leather but economically more popular.

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