Our Expertise

We manufacture purpose-built gloves that meet the specific needs of an industrial workforce.

Leather Tanning

G.M Leathers is known for our unmatched leather tanning process and dedication to providing the highest quality and standards. Our tanned products are shipped and used worldwide, making us the leader in leather tanning for industrial purposes.



There are very few leather companies that provide both leather tanning and manufacturing. At G.M. Leathers, we have a tanning unit along with a gloves manufacturing unit that produces 10,000 pair of gloves per day.


Industrial Leather Gloves

At the forefront of our industrial leather gloves manufacturing lies our commitment to providing safety to safety workers. Our industrial leather gloves are designed to be used in all kinds of industries where there is a stringent need for worker safety compliance.

Protective Gear for All Kinds of Welding Jobs

Welding Apparel

In any welding job, high-quality PPE is required to avoid molten metal splatter, radiation, sparks, and burns. Without it, welding hazards can cause serious and long-lasting injuries. G.M Leathers also provides a full line of welding apparel designed to give workers complete body protection in a welding environment. Our leather-based welding apparel is fame-resistant, works well in environments of extreme heat, and keeps workers unharmed.

Why Choose Us

In the industrial gloves business, G.M. Leather Industries is a renowned manufacturer, with over twenty-three years of experience in the field. Here are a few key reasons why you should choose us as your manufacturer and supplier:


Tanning and Manufacturing Combo


Commitment to Safety


Environment-Friendly Products


100% Customer Satisfaction

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