About Cut Resistance

Materials used for gloves have a cut resistance levels – meaning there are different standards set based on how hard it will be to cut the material. Cut resistance is measured on a five-level scale and each standard uses different testing methods to determine how to best cut through the material.

Take, for example, the ASTM 1790, which is a standard that uses a razor blade to test the cut resistance of a material. The more pressure or weight that is applied on the blade to cut through the material, the more cut-resistant the material is. Therefore, if 500 to 999 grams of pressure is applied to a blade to cut a material, then that is considered to be cut level 2.

The above is just one type of standard. There are different types of standards that use different types of razors and pressure units to cut through the material. Each of the standards has its own cut methodology and each level of a cut results in protection against varying levels of hazards. For example, Cut level 1 gloves are very low hazard cuts that protect your hands against minor cuts like paper cuts and scratches but are not good for heavy-duty jobs.

At GM Leather, we use Cut Level 1 to Cut Level 9, following the most updated ANSI cut levels standards.

Cut Level

Weight Needed to Cut through Material with 20 mm blade

Uses of Gloves for Each level


< 200 g


≥ 200 g

For assembly, maintenance, material handling and shipping and receiving


≥ 500 g

For assembly, maintenance, and metal handling


≥ 1,000 g

For assembly, appliance manufacturing, automotive, construction, material & metal handling


≥ 1,500 g

For assembly, appliance manufacturing, automotive construction, maintenance, material and metal handling


≥ 2,200 g

For appliance manufacturing, glass handling, machining, metal handling, stamping and paper production


≥ 3,000 g

For appliance manufacturing, automotive, construction, glass handling, machining, metal and paper production


≥ 4,000 g

For movement of large or bulky objects with sharp edges. Also recommended for use in moving items that are hard to grip


≥ 5,000 g

Almost the same uses as A7


≥ 6,000 g

Almost the same uses as A7

** To determine which cut is best for your workforce, it is recommended to share your glove needs in detail while placing the order. Our consultants will reach out to you and help you choose the resistance that best suits your needs.

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